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YAYOI Sydney Event Report for April

On April 1, 2015, we held a dinner party at Japanese Teishoku Restaurant "YAYOI" in Sydney, Australia.
The event was designed to introduce Japanese culture and lifestyle to local public.
It was well received and many people have participated.

While Japanese dishes were served, a well-known opera singer, Jenny Liu, performed "Madama Butterfly".
To accompany the event, a display of flower arrangement, called, "Ikebana" was featured. The origin of this restaurant's name, "Yayoiken" was explained as well. Guests were able to experience Japanese culture in the western context.

April 1, 2015 18:30〜


  • Performance Program : Jenny Liu (opera singer)
  • Introduce "Roots Story of Yayoiken"
  • Ceremonial Japanese Dinner
  • listening to the Roots Story of Yayoiken

  • Ikebana

  • Japanese food themed "Madama Butterfly"

  • Performance of Jenny Liu (Opera singer), from "Madama Butterfly"

  • have many guests

  • items of pottery works by Morimitsu Hosokawa