• Rice
  • rice
  • Soup
  • Kenchin soup
  • Pickles
  • Japanese radish tossed with Japanese apricot
  • Main
  • mackerel simmered in Miso, lotus root, Shishito pepper, shredded leak
  • Secondary
  • simmered eggplant
  • 《Mackerel simmered in Miso》

    Cooking mackerel in Miso, a Japanese traditional fermented food, brings out the flavor of the fish. Miso seals the flavor and keeps fish juicy. The combination of richness of Miso and mackerel’s fat is a great match for rice. It is another wisdom of Washoku, whose speciality is in fish, in which Miso transforms the distinctive smell of mackerel into umami.


    Miso is an integral seasoning for Japanese food, just like soy sauce. The basic ingredient differs from soy beans to rice or wheat depending on regions. There are variety of flavors from sweet and dry. For this dish, Miso with fine and smooth texture is suited so that it won’t interfere with the texture of fish meat. Despite the variety in flavor, Japanese people have consumed Miso through out Japan from olden days.