• Rice
  • rice
  • Soup
  • miso soup with Tofu and Wakame seaweed
  • Pickles
  • Konbu seaweed boiled in soy sauce, Japanese radish and Japanese apricot
  • Main
  • grilled Ayu with grated Japanese radish and Shiso leaf
    rolled egg
  • Secondary
  • simmered beans
  • 《Grilled Fish》

    Sprinkle salt on fish in order to get rid of excess water and smell of the fish before grilling. Japan is an island and blessed with fresh fish. It is a simple way of cooking to appreciate seasonal fresh fish from the sea. We can enjoy the flavor of fish itself in this way of cooking. Each fish contains fattier or leaner parts in its meat. Enjoy the different textures.


    Grated Japanese radish is a must-have topping on gilled fishes. It terminates unfavorable smell, helps digestion, prevent food poisoning and more. Citrus such as Sudachi and Kabosu which refreshes fattiness of fish is often accompanied too. And soy sauce enhances the roasted flavor of fish. The dish is full of Washoku wisdoms to bring out the favor of ingredient itself.