• Rice
  • rice
  • Soup
  • grated turnip soup
  • Pickles
  • cabbage and cucumber
  • Main
  • hamburg steak with demiglace sauce
    steamed vegetable (potato, broccoli, carrot)
  • Secondary
  • poached egg
  • 《Hamburg Steak》

    Ground meat is mixed with chopped onion and bread crumbs and kneaded well before being shaped. Depending on the kind of meat, binders and seasoning to use, there are different variations of hamburg. It is very popular among people of all ages in Japan. People also enjoy healthier hamburg using Tofu or soy pulp as binders.


    Hamburg steak was introduced to Japan in the late 1800s. It is believed it was at the opening ceremony for Akahori Cooking School, the first cooking school in Japan, located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, that people ate hamburg steak for the first time. Japanese style hamburg with grated Japanese radish on top and Teriyaki hamburg have evolved from the original recipe and become widely consumed in Japan.